Love Always Wins: “My Parents Got Remarried”

My parents got re-married this weekend.

I never thought I’d write that sentence.

After twenty-two years, my parents renewed their vows on Saturday. In a time where people are constantly breaking commitments, it’s refreshing that two people are making new ones. If you had told me my parents would be standing at an altar recommiting themselves to each other, I would have labeled you a liar and laughed in your face. Hard.

Life has it’s ups and downs. Its highs and lows. I’ve seen my parents go through both. I’ve seen mornings with breakfast in bed and evenings with late night dancing. I’ve heard screaming and slandering coupled with tears and doors slamming. I’ve seen flowers and cards given in acts of love. I’ve seen broken glass and furniture done in acts of spite. Because of all this, I’m amazed. I’m amazed at two people who were willing to truly forgive to continue a love that started so strongly twenty-two years ago. It would have been so much easier to walk away. They came pretty close to ending it forever as parents lived in two different places for almost two years. So what brought them back together? What overcame the scorn?

Love, simply.

My pastor wedded my mother and father. During his speech, he recited the well known verse from 1 Corinthians:

"Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance."

It may sound cliche because it’s at almost every wedding, but it’s at almost every wedding because it’s the standard of love. Love consists of patience, kindness, & forgiveness. Love is without pride, rudeness and jealousy. Most of all, love never gives up. That’s where most of couples fail. When emotions run high, either one or both partners want to run away. Sometimes inevitably, couples have to separate. Let that also be done in love. I know true love flows between my parents because they held on no matter what. For the reader, I hope you seek out what true love really is. Not what’s in the movies, but raw, relentless, unconditional love. It exists and it’s for you. For the reader that has already found true love, continue to perfect it and never think you’ve arrived.

My parents got re-married this past weekend.

Just thought I’d write it again.

Grace and Peace,

James H. Chase III


 James Henry Chase III, Love & Relationships Contributor 
Education: CCBC Essex, General Studies
Website: //

The happy (re)married couple. ” Love Always Trusts, Always Hopes, Always Preserves”


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Fitness Friday: Go From 4 Wheels to 2 Wheels

            Summer gives everyone the opportunity to go outside, enjoy the sun and breath in the sweet summer air. It’s this season that makes working out a lot more enjoyable because of the various options of exercise. If you’re an environmental lover than this new summer workout will leave you with a smile because cycling can be one the best ways to stay in shape for summer. It not only offers a cardio and endurance challenge, but can make your workout more scenic and adventurous.


I began cycling with my sister when I found that my workout routines have become a bit boring, repetitive, and began to hurt my knees and other joints. I was doing too many high-impact exercises, such as running and jump roping that had left me feeling injured. So one of beautiful summer night, I decided to do something I hadn’t done for years; ride my bike. The feeling was exhilarating. I hadn’t felt this euphoria from physical exercise in a while. From that night forward my little sister and I started cycling long distances together with our bikes. Our adventures lead to biking canals, back roads, and learning the new rules that come with the territory.

So ladies, if you need to vamp up your cardio workouts grab a friend and just go out for a bike ride. Whether it’s for a serious workout or a joy ride you can still claim the benefits biking does for your body like making your heart stronger, your lower body leaner and shrink that waistline, while protecting your joints. There are also hidden benefits of biking that won’t show physically like having an improved immune system, improving your mental health, and improving your coordination.  It’s all you could ever ask for from a workout.

Are you a beginner?––No worries! Here are just a couple of “rules” to consider before you start your biking adventures:

1. Use both hand breaks to slow down. Using the only the rear break will not slow you down enough and using only the front break can cause you to flip over.

2.  Ride in the same direction as cars and obey all traffic laws as if you’re driving a car.

3.  To signal left turns, hold your arm straight out at shoulder level. To signal right turns hold your elbow out at 90 degrees and your hand up. To signal a stop, bend your elbow at 90 degrees, but with your hand down.

4. Give pedestrians the right of way.

In need a new bike? Depending on what type of trails and biking you are doing it’s best to do your research and find experts at sports stores to find the best fit for you.  So get that bike out of the garage and into the daylight because it’s time to take that baby out for a spin.

Happy Trails!

Carly Bossert, Health & Fitness Contributor


Education:  Rutgers University, Nutritional Sciences, Digital Media 

The Greek Life Impact : In College & Beyond

Some of you may think Greek life is something you would never join.  Most people can be divided into the “maybe joiners,” “never joiners,” and “always joiners.”  I was a “maybe joiner.”  I didn’t know much about Greek life but was open to learning more and how it would benefit me.  Today it seems like there are a lot of negative stereotypes surrounding the Greek system.  It’s not all bad and there are plenty of organizations that do right by their organization’s principles and beliefs.

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Wildcard Wednesday : Dorm Essentials You DON’T Want to Forget

Back to school season has officially started again.  Many of us are heading to college, and packing seems almost as daunting as finding a place for everything to fit in our dorm rooms.  Of course you shouldn’t forget the essential desk lamp, extension cords, and family pictures. But what about those other things you don’t think about needing until you don’t have it. Below is a list with some necessities that you might or might not have forgotten about.

Health Kit with thermometer, Advil,  Neosporin, cough drops etc.
Feeling under the weather? Have a headache? Avoid having to buy these items when you start feeling bad. Just have them tucked away and ready to go! Available at on

Heating Pad
For when your back hurts or when you pulled a muscle. I love using mine after feeling sore from an intense workout. Killer cramps? Yah, you’re gonna need this. STAT.

Underbed storage:  
Buy some underbed drawers available at places such as Walmart, The Container Store, and Target. These give you extra space- perfect for extra linens, winter clothes, or random items.  These come in so many shapes and sizes, its overwhelming! I prefer drawers for easy access:

Security Box/ Safe  
Having a roommate means that you lack privacy, and if the door is accidentally left unlocked, your valuables are at risk. Invest in a fireproof lock box that can tie to your bed to store extra money, jewelry, cameras, and more.  My cash and camera will definitely be stored in mine!

Computer lock:
Very similar to the security box, but hooks to a laptop and secures to a table leg to prevent theft.  90% of computers have kensington locks so you should be in the clear.  The lock looks like a very small oval.

Table top ironing board/ iron
Keep your clothes looking nice. If space is tight, buy a tabletop ironing board and a small iron instead of full size versions.  You never know when you need (or want) your blouse to be fine pressed for that speech or power point presentation you need to make in COM 101. Learn to make your own here.

Creates twice as much space in your tiny closet especially for clothes obsessed fashionistas like me! Make the most of your space!

Brita Water Filter Purifier
Students immediately think of the mini-fridge, but they might  forget the water purifier. Comes in many sizes and colors.  It definitely tastes better than tap.

Submitted by Jaclyn Turner- Klothes and Style Contributor
Education: Journalism and American Studies at University of Maryland- College Park

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