Reblog & Answer: How Do You Envision Khloē Magazine Changing The Face of Women's Media One Issue At A Time?

How can our magazine truly start to change the way women are perceived and the stereotypes that confine our society? Tell us what you think ♥

Khloē is Looking for 1,000 Followers AND Your Opinion!

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For all you rebloggers—we could use your opinion!

If you were looking to read our magazine, what features would you like to see? This can be a number of things—including, but not limited to: certain colors, drop-down menus, layout ideas, etc. After you reblog our post, shoot us an e-mail or message us with YOUR ideas! If Khloē Magazine LOVES your ideas, we may just use them—HOW COOL IS THAT?!

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Update: Khloē Magazine Will Launch On 11/11/11 ♥

Dear Friends, Family, Supporters and Colleagues: 

We did it!! Exactly 45 days ago this campaign was launched with a goal in mind but had yet to be achieved. It has been a long several weeks but today I sit here with tears in my eyes because this is truly happening. We raised $4755 in total…KHLOE is no longer just an idea.

Because of you, this idea WILL become a reality. On 11/11/11 we will launch this publication that is dedicated to build empowerment in young women worldwide. We do this successfully one magazine issue at a time…because of you. 

KHLOE—changing women’s media, one issue at a time. 

So what’s next? 

Now, Amazon and Kickstarter will verify all of the backers and funds for around 14 days. During this time some of you may receive e-mails saying your backing has failed. This could be due to a change in billing address, expired credit card or insufficient funds. If you do receive an e-mail such as that you have up to seven days to edit your information. If times are more financially difficult since we first launched and you don’t have the funds to resubmit then please, do not stress over it. Your support and effort was greatly appreciated. <3 

While Amazon & Kickstarter sit on KHLOE’s funds and make us wait impatiently, the wheels are already in motion and we are working hard to crank out our first issue for release on November 11th, 2011. Our editors are in place, and we have over 50 models, writers and designers ready for our first issue; their excitement is through the roof!

KHLOE editors and contributors are set to begin writing, producing and shooting our fashion spreads with REAL girls of REAL sizes starting in the beginning of August. I’m so excited and I know you all are too. Currently, we are designing our E-zine layout, website and planning a wonderful celebration in Grand Rapids to celebrate this young woman’s revolution with an exciting agenda. 

Those young ladies who have donated as contributors, photographers and models looking to assist in creating KHLOE’s first issues, your editor will be contacting you within two weeks with your first assignment—congratulations! 

I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible, not just by funding but by through the amazing emotional support, promoting, and encouragement and most of all, believing in a cause that can help change the world. 

KHLOE’s first issue has not even been published, but already there has been many stories of this revolution and idea bringing much hope, encouragement and excitement to young women across the world. It’s giving them an avenue to express themselves, stay involved and become exposed to many windows of opportunity. 

The road doesn’t end here and we will be keeping in touch with updates to those looking to stay involved with this project. Those who pledged and opted to receive a thank you gift, we’ll be in touch to get your preferences, sizes and gift options soon!

Thank you all once again—WE DID IT, BECAUSE OF YOU! 


Hope Alcocer