Meet Allie: Your HEALTH & FITNESS Editor♥

Hello Khloē Magazine Fans, Friends and Contributors — Meet Allie!

Meet Allie! She is the “H” to the Health & Fitness Khloē acronym. Looking to write for this section of our magazine? Shoot her an email at

What made you want to be an editor for Khloē?
Khloē has (already) illuminated a missing niche in the magazine world — girls need a bright, honest, informative magazine full of energetic and motivational insights & guidance.

What is the one thing you can’t leave home without? 
This may sound ridiculous, but I carry a 50-pack of crayola silly-scent markers with me in my purse — I use them to write in my planner, or to relax and doodle. I love to saturate my life with color. 

Favorite food you could eat forever and not get sick of it?
Cereal — any & every kind. Endless Lucky Charms & soy milk in a very large bowl = my utopia. 

Favorite quote?  
"But it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." —Alice in Wonderland

Favorite summer memory?  
This summer. The good ole’ summer of 2011. I traveled to Seattle and fell in love with the city — it’s currently the smartest city in the world (the highest percentage of people with Bachelor’s Degrees)! They’re bike-friendly, and focused on the Earth and organic food. Everyone thinks “rain” when they hear Seattle, but all I think about is this charismatic energy, this overwhelmingly inspirational ambiance — a city built into mountains and surrounded by water, full of people that want to make a difference. I hope, someday, to be a part of a similar mission. This summer I gained a new aspiration — to surround myself with positive people who want to learn, grow, and achieve, and to be that kind of person for those around me.

If you Health & Fitness contributors have any ideas you want to start discussing with Allie, just send them her way! You can email her at: 

Love & Khloē, The Launch Team♥

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